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Salmon Pasta 115

Smoked Salmon, White Wine & Peas with Linguine

Chicken Liver Pasta 125

Penne Pasta, Napolitana, Peri Peri, Cream & Chicken Livers

Chicken Mushroom Pie 125

Black Mushrooms with Chicken Breast & White Sauce, topped with Crispy Puff Pastry and

Sesame Seed

Steak & Kidney Pie 110

Homemade Steak & Kidney Pie, topped with Puff Pastry & Sesame Seed

prepared by Maxwell


Giles is one of the northern suburbs most popular meeting places and has become renowned for its bustling ambiance and superb deck overlooking the Craighall Park valley which has a magnificent sunset view and has been described as having a ‘Cheers bar’ like feel.

Generally attracting an upmarket crowd, Giles has become popular amongst young professionals, local residents and sport fanatics alike

The late Ian Baldwin Gillies and Jennifer Gillies opened Giles in 1994 and subsequent to Ian’s death in 2005, the running and management was taken over by his two children; Ben and Kiarin.

The pub and restaurant was named after the famous British Comic ‘Giles’ and a word play on the family surname.

The idea of Giles was premised on a good ol’ English pub, where the community came to enjoy each other’s company with good food and their favourite lager.

On the 1st of June 2018, the pub was sold. The new owners most of them regulars at the restaurant decided that they could not let Giles close down and purchased the pub, with that has come some changes. The Giles pub area will keep the name Giles Pub, however the restaurant will have its own entrance and be managed by the famous Founders Grill family from Florida.
The menu which has been in existence since 1994 has changed significantly and should appease even the most ardent of food connoisseurs. The wine list is extensive, featuring some unique estates.

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